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19 January 2018

EU Fundamental Rights Agency finds civil society in all member states is facing increasing challenges

Author: European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (EU)

"Challenges facing civil society organisations working on human rights in the EU", 19 Jan 2018...

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17 August 2017

EU: Reports find workers from eastern Europe face low wages & exploitative working conditions

Author: Ana Maria Dima, Opendemocracy

"The other side of Europe: the exploitation of Romanian workers in the EU", 18 May 2017...

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15 March 2017

Eastern European lorry drivers exploited in IKEA's supply chain, BBC investigation finds

Author: Zoe Conway, BBC News

"Ikea drivers living in trucks for months"...

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6 February 2017

BSI Group develops index on addressing trafficking & modern slavery risks in supply chains

Author: Sustainable Brands

“Supply Chain Slavery Index Identifies High-Risk Countries in Fashion Supply Chains”, 1 February 2017...

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19 July 2016

Gabor did not respond

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12 April 2016

Seven of 15 former Soviet countries have become “consolidated authoritarian regimes”, says new report; fall in oil prices linked to lack of transparency, accountability

Author: Nate Schenkkan, Freedom House

"Nations in tansit 2016: Europe and Eurasia brace for impact", 12 April 2016...

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31 March 2016

Czech Republic overlooks human rights abuses by Chinese Govt. for business interests, according to Slovak press

Author: Prague Daily Monitor

"Slovak press: Czechs overlook human rights for business interests"...

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24 April 2015

Action on business & human rights in Eastern Europe & Central Asia: Can we narrow the gap?

Author: Ella Skybenko, Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

...Business & Human Rights Resource Centre recently contacted 16 governments and 5 companies in Eastern Europe & Central Asia asking them to provide information on actions they have taken on business and human rights. Only five governments...

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6 May 2014

EU: Forced Labor and Globalization

Author: Nisha Varia, Human Rights Watch, on Womens News Network

European countries have taken a leadership role in setting up regional mechanisms to protect human rights. So it is a puzzle why some European countries are reticent to take a strong stand on improving global standards to prevent forced labour and...

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1 May 2014

Business & Human Rights Resource Centre releases its second Eastern Europe & Central Asia regional briefing

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