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13 August 2018

Bahrain: Civil society and businesses urge government to extend mid-day work ban amid soaring temperatures and increased violations

Author: Noor Zahra, Gulf Daily News

"Push to extend summer work ban as temperature soars", 12 August 2018 ...

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30 July 2018

Bahrain: Over 100 migrant workers stranded without pay for a year

Author: Harpreet Kaur, Al Bawaba

"Hundreds of Expats Suffer from Unpaid Wages in Bahrain", 23 July 2018...

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Company non-response
10 July 2018

Al Qawareer Contracting Co. did not respond

Business & Human Rights Resource Centre invited Al Qawareer Contracting Co. to respond to the allegations, it did not.

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9 July 2018

Bahrain: 450 construction workers denied wages, companies fail to respond

In June 2018, Migrant-Rights.Org reported on labour abuses in Bahrain's construction sector. According to the allegations, approximately 450 construction workers in Bahrain have been denied their wages since January 2018. They have also allegedly...

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3 July 2018

Bahrain: Distressed workers hotline receives over 5,000 calls including cases of trafficking

Author: Gulf Digital News Online

"Hotline for distressed workers receives 5,300 calls from expatriates", 29 June 2018...

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11 June 2018

Report: How to promote responsible labour recruitment in the Gulf construction sector

Author: Mustafa Qadri, Institute for Human Rights and Business, Equidem; Nikhil Eapen, Equidem

"Responsible Recruitment: Addressing Gaps in Protections for Migrant Workers", June 2018...

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27 April 2018

Ukraine: 16 seafarers repatriated after three-months abandonment in Port of Casablanca by shipping co.

Author: Safety4sea

"16 Ukrainian seafarers repatriated after three-month abandonment", 19 Apr 2018...

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26 March 2018

Bahrain: NGO flags workplace safety risks in the construction sector

Author: News of Bahrain

"Worksite accidents raise safety concerns: BHRWS", 25 March 2018...

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7 March 2018

CIVICUS' new annual report warns about growing role of private sector in governance

Author: CIVICUS (South Africa)

"CIVICUS: State of Civil Society Report 2018 - Year in Review: Top 10 trends", 06 Mar 2018...

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15 January 2018

New report highlights the effects of closing space on women human rights defenders

Author: Berkley Law, University of California (USA)

"Rights Eroded: A Briefing on the Effects of Closing Space on Women Human Rights Defenders",  December 2017...

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