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5 January 2018

Front Line Defenders report highlights killings of 312 human rights defenders in 2017, underlining the role of business

Author: Front Line Defenders (Ireland)

"Annual Report on Human Rights Defenders at Risk 2017", 3 Jan 2018...

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7 November 2017

New report calls on internet cos. to do more to fight terrorist incitement & disinformation in line with responsibility to uphold human rights

Author: NYU Stern Center for Business and Human Rights & World Economic Forum

"Harmful Content: The Role of Internet Platform Companies in Fighting Terrorist Incitement and Politically Motivated Disinformation", Nov 2017...

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20 September 2017

New report highlights reprisals faced by human rights defenders who cooperate with UN

Author: UNOG Information Services, OHCHR (Switzerland)

"Report highlights rising reprisals against human rights defenders cooperating with the UN", 20 Sep 2017...

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24 August 2017
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Author: Isolda Agazzi, Alliance Sud, dans Le Temps (Suisse)

"Les contradictions des investissements «responsables» en Iran", 22 août 2017...

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18 August 2017

Modern Slavery Index: Amplified risks in European supply chains

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14 August 2017

UK: Businesses & social enterprises are hiring refugees to help them better integrate

Author: Suzanne Bearne (The Guardian)

"Hiring refugees: 'We have an amazing wealth of talent on our hands'", 11 August 2017...

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13 July 2017

"Defenders of the Earth: Global killings of land and environmental defenders in 2016"

Author: Global Witness (United Kingdom)

In 2016, at least 200 land and environmental  defenders were murdered – the deadliest year on record. Not only is this trend growing, it’s spreading – killings were dispersed across 24 countries, compared  to 16 in 2015. With many killings unreported,...

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26 June 2017

Salespeople for AREA, IPS and Semptian filmed saying they would sell spyware to agents who they knew might sell it onward to repressive govts. in Syria, Iran & South Sudan

Author: Al Jazeera Investigative Unit

Exclusive: Spyware firms in breach of global sanctions, 10 April 2017  ...

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22 June 2017

"Iran Business Responsibility" launches website

Business & Human Rights Resource Centre is working with International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran on the "Iran Business Responsibility" (IBR) project....

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21 June 2017

New intl. initiative urges companies investing in Iran to go beyond sanctions compliance, manage risk to workers & environment

Author: Iran Business Responsibility project

Companies Investing in Iran Urged to Manage Risks Beyond Sanctions - New Initiative Launched to Foster Responsible Business in Iran, 21 Jun 2017...

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