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10 December 2013

[PDF] Businesses across the Middle East must put human rights above the bottom line - New report lifts the lid on the business practices of dozens of companies operating across the Middle East

Author: Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

[Arabic and French versions below] Companies operating across the Middle East must uphold human rights according to a new report by an international human rights organisation. The new report, released today in Arabic, English and French by the...

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12 November 2013

Digital Citizen

Author: Global Voices

Digital Citizen is a monthly review of news, policy, and research on human rights and technology in the Arab World.

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18 October 2013

More than 17,000 modern-day “slaves” in Libya, says global report

Author: Libya Herald

With 17,693 people apparently living as modern-day slaves in Libya, according to the first-ever Global Slavery Index, the country is ranked by it as having the greatest prevalence of “slavery” in North Africa...Modern slavery takes many forms and is...

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1 October 2013

Global Slavery Index finds India has most forced labourers, Haiti & Mauritania have most by share of population - report names cotton, mineral, seafood supply chains

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30 September 2013

School dropout rate rises in Tunisia

Author: Open Equal Free

[In Tunisia], school dropout rates have increased by 30% in recent years, reaching an all-time high of 100,000 pupils that left school in 2012...Recent political unrest has indeed affected the enrollment rate, as has the rising cost of attending...

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20 September 2013

Facebook, others seeks internet data

Author: Agence France-Presse (AFP)

The Global Network Initiative, which includes Google, Facebook, Yahoo and Microsoft, has asked [21] countries to "report on the requests they make for electronic communications surveillance and to make it legally possible for companies to report...

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23 August 2013

Women reshape Tunisia’s political landscape

Author: Sheila Mcleod Arnopoulos, The Gazette (Canada)

La Presse, one of Tunisia’s key French newspapers, highlighted the invaluable role women have been playing in the development of post-revolution Tunisia. The World Social Forum, held in Tunis during the spring, was mostly organized by women...Essma...

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12 July 2013

Black Tunisians suffer discrimination

Author: Jamel Arfaou, Magharebia

Racial discrimination was rarely discussed in Tunisia. And then a publicity photo for supermarket giant Carrefour on its Facebook page [showing] Tunisian footballers giving bananas to black children...outraged rights organisations for its alleged ...

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3 July 2013

Informal Workers: Poor, Insecure, and Prevalent in the Tunisian Economy

Author: Salma Bouzid, Tunisia Live

A large number of Tunisians work illegally in the informal sector, where their lives are defined by instability, poverty, and risk...many of these workers lack knowledge of how to legitimize their work and gain access to public benefits...Informal...

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Company response
3 July 2013

Response by Latécoère: Aeronautic equipment manufacturer Latécoère is facing protests by workers accusing the company over health & safety problems, as well as other bad working conditions

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