Regulating Private Military and Security Companies: The Content, Negotiation, Weaknesses and Promise of the Montreux Document

Author: James Cockayne, Journal of Conflict and Security Law , Published on: 1 November 2008

On 17 September 2008, 17 states…endorsed the ‘Montreux Document’ affirming the legal obligations and describing good practices…related to operations of private military and security companies…[The author] provide[s] an overview of the Montreux Document and the negotiations that produced it. [The author has] a particular perspective on this process, having served as a source of informal advice to the convenors of the Montreux process between mid-2006 and September 2008.5 In the course of this article, [the author] explore[s] how the Document may provide the basis for improved standards and accountability in PMSC activity. Finally, [the author] offer[s] brief reflections on the weaknesses and promise of the Montreux Document as a basis for more effective regulation of PMSCs.

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