Report alleges Teleperformance's Duty of Vigilance Plan is inadequate

Teleperformance's Duty of Vigilance Plan was first published in December 2018 and is available here. In April 2019 Syndex released a report alleging that the Plan produced is inadequate.  In particular it says "it appears that the company management has not fully appreciated the risks inherent in its own operational choices".  It also alleges that the company failed to engage with stakeholders in the development of the Plan as required under French law.

In April 2019 we invited Teleperformance to respond to the concerns raised in Syndex's report as well as a summary of this report by UNI Global Union.  The company's response is below.

In July 2019, French NGO Sherpa and UNI Global Union formally put Teleperformance on notice that it must comply with its duty of vigilance regarding human rights. You can read more on this and see Teleperformance's response here.

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Author: Matthew Painter, Miroir Social (France)

« Droits humains chez Teleperformance : les syndicats tirent la sonnette d'alarme auprès des investisseurs sur le devoir de vigilance », 9 mai 2019 

Teleperformance, dont le siège est à Paris, a essuyé des critiques lors de son assemblée générale annuelle des actionnaires de ce jour, pour avoir manqué à son obligation légale de faire respecter les droits humains de ses 300.000 salariés répartis dans 78 pays. 

Une coalition composée de syndicats français, dont F3C-CFDT, Federation CGT des Societes d'Etudes, FAPT-CGT, FEC-FO et de la fédération syndicale internationale UNI Global Union ont protesté devant le siège du géant des centres de contact. Ils ont exigé que la société respecte pleinement les dispositions de la loi française sur le devoir de vigilance...

Bien que peu connue en France, Teleperformance est le premier prestataire mondial de centres de contacts externalisés, et fournit des services à certaines des entreprises et marques les plus importantes et les plus célèbres dans le monde, telles que Apple ou Orange...

En avril, UNI a publié un rapport détaillé exposant les sérieux problèmes liés à l'application par Teleperformance de la loi française sur le devoir de vigilance. 

Les lacunes du plan de vigilance de TP comprennent notamment : 

  • Une cartographie insuffisante des risques 
  • L’absence de mesures concrètes pour garantir les droits humains 
  • Aucune consultation avec les parties prenantes 
  • Aucune consultation avec les syndicats français sur le mécanisme d’alerte (obligation légale)...

Read the full post here

29 April 2019

Inadequate Duty of Vigilance plan raises concerns at Teleperformance

Author: UNI Global Union

Teleperformance’s Duty of Vigilance Plan was first published in December 2018...To date, it seems that there has been no serious attempt made at mapping the risk of violations of fundamental freedoms and human rights....With the lack of risk mapping, it is not clear what concrete actions or ongoing monitoring are required to mitigate or eliminate identified risks, which are also mandated under the law. It appears that there has been no stakeholder engagement in the development of the plan. There is no alert mechanism currently in operation, although the company has signaled an unspecified mechanism will be put in place. There have been no discussions with representative trade unions, though the Duty of Vigilance Law requires that they be consulted in the establishment of the alert mechanism.

Download the full document here

29 April 2019

Teleperformance Issues, context and due diligence plan for 2019

Author: Syndex

Teleperformance has chosen to locate its activities in countries where human rights are at risk, including fundamental rights of workers. In terms of its current due diligence plan, it appears that the company management has not fully appreciated the risks inherent in its own operational choices as explained below

Read the full post here

Company response
29 April 2019

Teleperformance's response re Syndex report

Author: Teleperformance

We have established our Vigilance Plan in full compliance with the law. We originally developed our Vigilance Plan by consulting key stakeholders, primarily internally, and we will continue the evolution of our Vigilance Plan by deepening our risk analysis and involving more stakeholders.  In that regard, we intend to further develop our...Plan by partnering with one or more impartial international NGOs. We conducted an exhaustive CSR Risk Mapping...We identified data security, health & safety, and employee engagement as our main risks...

Download the full document here

1 December 2018

Teleperformance Vigilance Plan

Author: Teleperformance

In accordance with Article L.225-102-4 of the French Commercial Code, the Teleperformance Group vigilance plan (“Vigilance Plan”) is designed to present the reasonable vigilance measures implemented Group-wide in order to identify the risks and prevent serious harm to human rights and fundamental freedoms, health and safety and the environment resulting from the operations of the Company and the companies it controls within the meaning of Article L.233-16 (II) of the French Commercial Code, whether directly or indirectly, and from the operations of suppliers or subcontractors with which an established business relationship is maintained, where such operations form part of this relationship. 

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