Report evaluates EU's engagement with intl. financial institutions, civil society, businesses & human rights defenders

Author: Wolfgang Benedek, Mary Footer, Jeffrey Kenner, Maija Mustaniemi - Laakso, Reinmar Nindler, Aoife Nolan, Stuart Wallace, Published on: 13 August 2015

"Report on enhancing the contribution of EU institutions and Member States, NGOs, IFIs and Human Rights Defenders, to more effective engagement with, and monitoring of, the activities of Non-State Actors", 31 Mar 2015

The EU’s engagement with non-state actors, including international financial institutions (IFIs), civil society organisations  (CSOs),  businesses and human rights defenders (HRDs) is central to the development of a cohesive human rights policy and the realisation of the EU’s international objectives. This report is part of an international, multidisciplinary research project examining the EU’s human rights policy and practice entitled ‘Fostering Human Rights Among European  (External and Internal) Policies’ (FRAME)

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