Report highlights new prospects for holding corporations accountable for human rights impacts of climate change

Author: Keely Boom, Julie-Anne Richards & Stephen Leonard, Climate Justice Programme (Australia), Published on: 22 June 2016

"Climate Justice: The international momentum towards climate litigation", Jun 2016

…[C]itizens and governments are beginning to seek redress in court with ground breaking cases emerging around the world, in a whole new area of litigation…Climate litigation has spread beyond the US into new jurisdictions throughout Asia, the Pacific and Europe. Claimants are not only targeting the ‘Carbon Majors’, who are the world’s largest producers of oil, coal and gas, but are also targeting the governments around the world that are continuing to support and collude with the Carbon Majors by promoting, subsidising and approving a fossil-fuel based energy system…[T]he Philippines human rights commission is investigating fossil fuel corporations for their role in the human rights impacts of climate change…Efforts by individuals seeking damages from fossil fuel corporations are likely to increase over time, and will foreseeably be transnational in nature… 

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