Report highlights shrinking civic space for natural resource activists & calls for collective action

Author: CIVICUS & Publish What You Pay, Published on: 21 December 2016

“Against all odds: The perils of fighting for natural resource justice”, 3 December 2016

 …The space for those who defend community land, expose corruption and environmental degradation, and advocate for transparency and good governance is currently being squeezed by two converging global trends…[N]atural resource exploitation is intensifying…[and] authoritarian values are on the rise, resulting in lower tolerance for pluralism and the contraction of political liberties. This is enabling the restriction of individual freedoms and collective rights. CIVICUS research reveals that serious violations of freedoms of association, expression and peaceful assembly…took place in at least 109 countries during 2015...[and] that 3.2 billion people now live in countries where civic space is either repressed or closed…[G]overnments worldwide are actively repressing natural resource activists and failing to protect them from persecution. Powerful corporate players are taking advantage of impunity, with unrestrained hostility towards activism…CIVICUS and PWYP have collected stories from the ground to shed light on the growing pushback that activists on natural resource governance are experiencing daily…

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