Report looks at National Human Rights Institutions' work in facilitating access to remedy for business-related human rights abuses

Author: Danish Institute for Human Rights & German Institute for Human Rights, Published on: 16 April 2019

"Case studies and workshop report: Remedy in business and human rights cases", 12 April 2019

National human rights institutions across the world are increasingly addressing business-related human rights abuses in their work. More particularly these institutions play a crucial role in supporting access to remedy for victims of such abuses through a wide range of activities they undertake as part of their different mandate areas.

In October 2018, the Danish Institute for Human Rights and the German Institute for Human Rights hosted a workshop in Berlin gathering national human rights institutions from Morocco, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Colombia, Chile, the Philippines, Malaysia, Australia, the Netherlands, and England and Wales. The workshop also gathered external experts and a representative from the UN Working Group on Business and Human Rights.

At the workshop all these actors shared experiences, both successes and difficulties, and collectively reflected on common approaches to enhance remedy.

This report sums up these reflections and includes case studies from eleven institutions...

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