Report on how business can play key role in achieving Sustainable Development Goals

Author: Jane Nelson, Harvard Kennedy School & Zahid Torres-Rahman, Business Fights Poverty, Published on: 1 October 2015

"Business and the sustainable development goals", 30 Sep 2015 

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) map out a global vision for a better world...Leaders in government, business and civil society—all of us must develop new ways of operating and co-operating, if we are to leverage the necessary financial, technical and managerial resources to achieve these goals...A few days ago, we launched a new report at an event in New York to coincide with the UN General Assembly: “Business and the Sustainable Development Goals: Building Blocks for Success at Scale”...It is our firm view that these building blocks will unlock a future in which all companies can work to drive sustainable development, not only through flagship corporate social responsibility projects but more importantly through standard business operating procedures aligned with broader processes of systemic change and collective action that, together, generate impact at scale...

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