Report on "Intl. civil litigation for human rights violations"

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30 August 2012

[PDF] Resolution No 2/2012: Sofia Guidelines on best practices for intl. civil litigation for human rights violations

Author: Intl. Law Association

Recognising that civil litigation for human rights violations against corporations and individuals occurs increasingly in jurisdictions around the world...Hereby states the following Guidelines on best practices...Scope...International Jurisdiction...Applicable law...Transnational Judicial Cooperation...Recognition and enforcement...

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31 December 2011

[PDF] Final report: Intl. civil litigation for human rights violations

Author: Intl. Civil Litigation and the Interest of the Public, Intl. Law Association

The draft resolution proposed by the Committee for adoption by the full house of the International Law Association is aimed at proposing Guidelines or best practices to address the private international law issues which often face national courts when they are confronted with international civil litigation for human rights violations...ongoing discussions in the context of the UN on concrete steps to implement the UN Guiding Principles in international cases, may certainly benefit from the Guidelines presently proposed by this Committee...State courts are merely encouraged to take into consideration the Guidelines whenever they are seized of a matter dealing with civil actions arising out of the violation of human rights, and to interpret their national law in conformity with the Guidelines, as far as possible. State legislators are also encouraged, whenever possible, to ensure that existing national rules are consistent with the Guidelines. [refers to Daimler, Shell, Goodyear Dunlop Tires, Anvil Mining (part of China Minmetals)]

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