Report says UK companies “getting away” with human rights abuses abroad - proposes new UK Commission on Business, Human Rights & Environment

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1 May 2009

New report reveals how UK companies get away with human rights abuses overseas as Parliamentary Inquiry is launched

Author: Corporate Responsibility (CORE) Coalition & London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

UK companies that have committed human rights abuses overseas far too often get away with it, a new report launched today reveals…[T]he report…finds that in cases of alleged human rights violations, systemic failures have too often led to victims not receiving adequate redress…A new UK Commission on Business, Human Rights & The Environment is proposed to provide guidance to companies on what standards they must adhere to when operating abroad, and act as a forum for hearing and resolving allegations of infringements...The findings of this report will be submitted to The Joint Committee on Human Rights, who have just launched an Inquiry into Business and Human Rights.

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Company response
22 January 2009

Shell response re gas flaring in Nigeria

Author: Shell

Shell remains committed to ending the continuous flaring of gas in its operations in Nigeria...The...joint venture...has made considerable progress in reducing flaring. Total flaring dropped by more than 50% between 2002 and 2007...This is the equivalent of taking all passenger cars in the Netherlands off the road. Regrettably, security issues that prevent access to key construction sites - and lack of funding from our majority JV partner - are continuing to delay the gas gathering projects. The SPDC joint venture has invested approximately $3 billion to date to reduce continuous flaring. More than $3 billion of additional investment is needed to reduce flaring as low as is reasonably possible...Shell values our work with IUCN...

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Company response
20 August 2008

Vedanta response to Survival International media statement

Author: Vedanta Resources

Vedanta has, on several occasions, offered Survival the opportunity to discuss the project with us...Survival has so far not chosen to do so. The Lanjigarh bauxite mining project was thoroughly studied by the Central Government of India as well as the State Government of Orissa. All issues concerning this project were thoroughly reviewed by expert bodies appointed with the concurrence of the Supreme Court of India. There are no outstanding issues and the bauxite mining project has now been approved by the Supreme Court of India. Vedanta is pleased that the project has been approved and is committed to implementing it in accordance with the guidelines and safeguards laid down by the Supreme Court of India.

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