Report: "Trading away peace: How Europe helps sustain illegal Israeli settlements"

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3 October 2012

[PDF] Pillage of the Dead Sea: Israel’s Unlawful Exploitation of Natural Resources in the Occupied Palestinian Territory

Author: Al-Haq

Given that the settlers and Ahava Dead Sea Laboratories Ltd. directly profit from the appropriation of the Dead Sea natural resources and from the trade of the products extracted and processed in this area, they can be considered as primary perpetrators of the war crime of pillage....By allowing Ahava Dead Sea Laboratories Ltd. to participate in European Union (EU) funded projects and granting it financial assistance, the EU is acknowledging and supporting the company’s illegal activities, thus failing to adhere to its commitment to international law...[W]orldwide cosmetic retailers should provide their customers with clear information about the origin of the products that are sold in their stores, thus enabling the consumers to make a conscious and informed choice about the cosmetic products purchased. [Refers to Dead Sea Works, Arab Potash, Orad Group. Business & Human Rights Resource Centre invited Ahava, Dead Sea Works, Arab Potash & Orad Group to respond. Arab Potash declined to respond. Ahava has no comments. Dead Sea Works & Orad Group did not respond.]

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1 October 2012

[PDF] Trading away peace: How Europe helps sustain illegal Israeli settlements

Author: Intl. Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) & others

This report documents the effects of Israeli settlements on Palestinian rights and livelihoods…It outlines the economic links between Europe and the settlements, naming the most common settlement products sold in Europe and detailing the involvement of European companies. The report also analyses European and national policies relevant to trade and other linkages with settlements. It presents a range of concrete and feasible measures to bring the actions of national governments and the EU in line with their words and to ensure that their policies do not directly or indirectly assist the settlements. [refers to: BAMA, Coop, Migos, Mehadrin, Arava Export Growers, Hadiklaim, Achdut, Adanim Tea, SodaStream, Keter Plastic, Barkan Mounts, Ofertex, Supergum, Tip Top Toys Star, Interstar, Twitoplast, Yardeni Locks, Hadiklaim, G4S, Alstom, Veolia, Heidelberg Cement, AssaAbloym, Deutsche Bahn, Unilever, Co-operative, Agrexco, Mehadrin, Arava, Adafresh. We invited Mekorot to respond to the concerns raised in relation to its impact on access to water for Palestinians. Mekorot said it implements the Israeli Government’s policy. We previously invited Ahava to respond to the concerns raised in relation to its operations (in another report) but it did not respond].

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