Reports say Boeing made arrangements for as many as 1000 CIA flights of prisoners to countries where USA is said to outsource torture

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29 November 2006

Flog Is My Co-Pilot: Boeing is alleged to be a travel agent for torture

Author: Rick Anderson, Seattle Weekly [USA]

Since 2003, human-rights investigators and news media reports have described a Boeing Business Jet as one of the most-dreaded planes in the Central Intelligence Agency's clandestine air force. The modified alleged to be the flagship of the CIA's "extreme rendition" squadron, ferrying suspected terrorists to secret agency prisons or countries where the U.S. is said to outsource torture...[A] British author and an ex-prisoner's attorney say that records uncovered by Spanish investigators show Boeing has a more direct role—planning and organizing the flights through a unit of its Seattle commercial airplane division [Jeppesen]. Boeing won't confirm or deny the claim. But the Spanish documents, and an investigation by Amnesty International and the Council of Europe, indicate Boeing was making arrangements for as many as 1,000 rendition flights through 14 countries by four CIA planes, including that notorious Boeing Business Jet.

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30 October 2006

The C.I.A.'s Travel Agent

Author: Jane Mayer, New Yorker

Boeing does not mention...that [its subsidiary] Jeppesen’s clients include the C.I.A., and that among the international trips that the company plans for the agency are secret “extraordinary rendition” flights for terrorism suspects...[The] agency has turned to [Jeppesen] handle many of the logistical and navigational details for these trips, including flight plans, clearance to fly over other countries, hotel reservations, and ground-crew arrangements... Human-rights activists and others have said the [rendition] program’s primary intent is to send suspects to detention centers where they can be interrogated harshly, and have criticized it as an illegal means of “outsourcing torture.” ... A former Jeppesen employee...recalled [that] Bob Overby, the managing director of Jeppesen International Trip Planning, said [at an internal meeting], "We do all of the extraordinary rendition flights—you know, the torture flights..." ...Mike Pound, the head of corporate communications for Jeppesen, said that he would have no comment, and he added, “Bob Overby will have no comment as well.”

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