Research Consultant with UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Assembly & Association


The UNSR is an independent expert appointed by the Human Rights Council to examine, monitor, advise and publicly report on the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and of association worldwide. This position is pro-bono. The work methods of the UNSR include responding to individual complaints, conducting studies, providing technical assistance to governments, and engaging in public outreach and promotional activities – all with the ultimate goal of promoting and protecting the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and of association.

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The UNSR’s work is supported both by the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) and by independent grants.

These terms of reference concern one short-term position (with the possibility of extension) to support the Special Rapporteur mandate. This is not a United Nations-funded position. The researcher will not be employed by the United Nations or compensated based on the United Nations pay scale.


The consultant’s main duty is to serve as a researcher for the UNSR on three specific tasks/projects:

(1) The Special Rapporteur’s final report to the Human Rights Council, which is planned to be a survey of the history and achievements of civil society, highlighting its contributions to development, security, peace and human rights over the years. The report must be completed before the expiration of the UNSR’s term on April 30, 2017

(2) A report summarizing/condensing major UN work on elections and human rights (including work from special procedures mandate holders, treaty bodies, including the Human Rights Committee, the Human Rights Council, etc.). The report is envisioned as a human rights-based guide to monitoring and evaluating the freedom and credibility of elections, focusing on evaluating the general human rights landscape in periods before, during and after the vote, and on how human rights violations affect the functioning of democracy.

(3) A report taking stock of the UNSR’s previous work (2011-17), proposing strategies for implementation of his recommendations and ideas, either by the UNSR’s successor or by other bodies

The consultant may be asked to contribute to other work as needed.

Location: Negotiable, but ability to travel required

Closing date: 25 May 2016