Research coordinator



  • Location: Amsterdam
  • Salary: between € 2,779 and € 4,385
  • Closing Date: 17/10/2019

With profound research and advice, Profundo aims to make a practical contribution to sustainability and social justice. Our work mainly focuses on international commodity chains, the financial sector, government policies and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Our international client base includes civil society organizations (CSOs), trade unions, research institutes, and government institutions, as well as foundations.
An important group of clients are CSOs and trade unions across the world who are seeking to ensure that the finance sector in its financing decisions respects internationally recognized environmental, social and governance standards. Among these clients is the network of Fair Finance Guide International (FFGI) and Fair Finance Asia (FFA), which is currently active in 14 countries (Belgium, Brazil, Cambodia, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Philippines, Sweden, Thailand and Vietnam) and expects to expand its activities to other countries. The CSO coalitions in every country monitor and assess the policies and practices of the largest financial institutions active in the banking, insurance and pensions markets.

To coordinate our research work around the adoption and implementation of high ESG standards in the finance sector, we are looking on the shortest possible notice for an experienced

Research coordinator

Your role will be a combination of research, training, advisory and coordination activities. Part of your research work will focus on improving the FFGI Methodology for the Assessment of Responsible Investment and Finance Policies, that we have developed together with the CSOs collaborating in the FFGI and is based on international standards and initiatives.

Other research projects will assess how financial institutions take up their responsibility as agents of change, influencing the daily operations and investment plans of their corporate clients, and how the finance sector could be more influential in the required transformation of economy and society in a sustainable direction.
With trainings you will help CSOs and trade unions understand how the finance sector operates, how it could be influenced and how the finance and investment policies of financial institutions can be benchmarked. You will also advise our clients on all kinds of strategic questions related to the further development of a powerful voice expressing what civil society expects of the financial sector.

Your coordination activities will deal with all different research and advice requests from CSOs and trade unions in this field, to ensure that other Profundo researchers are involved efficiently and in a timely manner.

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