Researcher at Institute for Human Rights and Business

The Institute for Human Rights and Business (IHRB) is dedicated to being a global centre of excellence and expertise on the relationship between business and internationally proclaimed human rights standards. We provide a trusted, impartial space for dialogue and independent analysis to deepen understanding of human rights challenges and issues and the appropriate role of business. IHRB works to raise corporate standards and strengthen public policy to ensure that the activities of companies do not contribute to human rights abuses, and in fact lead to positive outcomes. IHRB’s International Board is chaired by Professor John Ruggie of Harvard University, who served as the UN Special Representative for Business and Human Rights from 2005-2011. Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland and UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, is patron.

IHRB is a ‘think and do tank’, with a strong reputation both for its business and human rights research and policy work as well as its operational engagement in a number of countries. IHRB seeks to embed international business and human rights standards within responsible business practice in a wide range of countries and industry sectors, working with government, business and civil society. IHRB’s approach is catalytic, impartial and collaborative.

IHRB is recruiting a dynamic and experienced Researcher to support the Director of Research & Legal Affairs in delivering several new and ongoing research projects.

The Research and Legal Affairs team supports a wide range of activities across the whole of IHRB’s thematic and geographic work and in addition has its own programme of research, agreed between the Director and the team. As such, the incoming Researcher will need to be interested in carrying out research across a broad range of topics and able to pick up the core issues around new research areas quickly. At the same time, IHRB is a think tank and judged on the quality of its work so a high standard of work is required.

Job title: Researcher

Location: Home-based. Preferably London, but applications making a persuasive case for another EU or USA based location (East Coast - in order to facilitate coordination with European based staff) will be considered. The applicant must already have permission to work in their location.

Salary: £33,000 per annum

Contract: Full time; 12 months renewable subject to funding

Closing date: 14 September 2015