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response by Adidas

Author: Adidas, Published on: 20 July 2016

...With respect to the general questions posed on footwear production in Eastern Europe we can share the following information:

  • The vast majority of our footwear production takes place in Asia (96%) and in South America (3%).

  • Within Europe, a small amount (less than 1%) of specialty product is made in an adidas- owned footwear manufacturing plant in Southern Germany and we have recently launched a new, highly innovative and fully automated “speed factory”, which is also located in Germany.

  • We do subcontract a small amount of upper stitching to a factory in Bosnia & Herzegovina, which is named in our Tier 2 public disclosure list (see http://www.adidas-

  • The uppers manufacturer is regularly audited for social and environmental compliance, including occupational safety. We have seen no evidence of unpaid overtime or the provision of PPE being a problem at this plant. We have, however, addressed the need for improved fire safety...

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