Response by ConocoPhillips: Myanmar Foreign Investment Tracking Project

[The unofficial Myanmar language translation of this response is available here]

ConocoPhillips did not provide individual answers to our questions, but instead sent the following statement:

A Production Sharing Contract (PSC) has yet to be signed, and exploration activities have yet to commence in the awarded block in Myanmar. As proposed exploration activities commence, we will work closely with our operating partner, Statoil, to ensure that such activities are conducted in a manner consistent with our human rights, sustainable development and environmental policies and positions. We are confident that our positions are aligned with Statoil’s approach.

Our Human Rights Position and information on our approach to implementation of our sustainable development and human rights commitments can be found in our Sustainable Development Report. Sections which include details of our Human Rights Position, Human Rights Due Diligence, Labor Issues, Expectations of Suppliers, Security & Human Rights, Stakeholder Engagement Principles, Stakeholder Engagement Management Systems and Indigenous Communities may be of particular interest.

Finally, stakeholders may contact me at [email protected] regarding our company’s approach to human rights.

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