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Response by Gener 2

Author: Gener 2, Published on: 1 July 2019

The report is inaccurate in its conclusions, as it starts with wrong figures (11 HPPs) and the author has made little or no effort in truly understanding the issues or simply does not understand the problems. The report portrays a community under threat by a company and by the government but it does so using the beliefs and opinions of unknown people...The report also misrepresents court decisions, omits information, and appears to favor one side by cherry picking information...While the report claims to be an investigation on allegations of harassments, in reality it reads more like a selection of opinions and beliefs chosen by the author...Gener 2 always complies with the law on every aspect and it conducts public consultations as required. The report makes the wrongful assumption that Gener 2 does not comply with its responsibilities...Gener 2 has in a place a grievance mechanism which has been active and functional since the beginning of the project. We have addressed all the claims that have been presented to us, including human rights impact and continue to do so effectively...Gener 2 has not, it is not, and will never retaliate or consider retaliating against TOKA or any of the community members...Gener 2 has taken many steps to resolve any issues and is in constant discussions with representatives of the community, with the community members, with the local authorities, the central government, and environmental experts. 

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This is a response from the following companies: Gener 2