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Response by Lydian International

Author: Lydian International, Published on: 24 May 2019

...This article is yet another example of clear misinformation and false claims against Lydian and the Amulsar project. The Criminal case mentioned in the headline has never “revealed that Lydian Armenia mining company employees were spying and running fake profiles in social media”. This is simply not true. The Gndevaz born activist Tehmine Yenokyan filed a criminal complaint in September 2018 and claimed that the employees of the company have secretly photographed her and “collected private information about her”...The residents of Gndevaz community who, according to the case, did confess to have taken photos of their neighbor Tehmine Yenokyan, are not and have never been Lydian Armenia employees. The investigation revealed that these residents of Gndevaz took pictures of the Head of the Environmental Inspection Committee Artur Grigoryan, who was tasked with the environmental inspection of the Amulsar project, coming out of activist Yenokyan’s house, as evidence of their belief that Artur Grigoryan supports the activists and cannot be an impartial state official...[T]he investigation concluded that there was no criminal act in neither taking the pictures, nor distributing those, since the pictures aimed at informing the public about the possible bias of a high-ranking state official. The Criminal case was dropped by the investigators in February 2019, and the charges against all involved parties were withdrawn...

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