Responsible Business Summit USA 2016

12-13 April | New York

The Responsible Business Summit USA is America's premier CSR and sustainability conference. Through workshops, roundtable debates and case study sessions delving into the key issues you will learn from, and network with, senior leaders from the leading sustainable brands

  • STRATEGIZE and achieve your sustainable business goals through successful internal engagement and external collaboration
  • TAKE OWNERSHIP of your extended supply chain through effective auditing, vertical integration and certification schemes
  • EMPOWER the workforce and reduce labor costs through development schemes, volunteerism programs, and a transparent culture
  • REPORT the numbers that count and drive positive change, re-enforcing the company vision and purpose
  • DRIVE your sustainability mission forwards by integrating the SDG’s and see real benefits for the business

Key issues being addressed in 2016

We spent several months researching and speaking to the sustainability community in North America, establishing the key issues, trends and opportunities in 2016. The Responsible Business Summit USA agenda reflects these issues and opportunities. A few of the sessions included over the course of the 2 days;

  • Drive a responsible culture across the business – in a one-on-one interview Timberland’s President shares all

  • Embed and support sustainable thinking across the business – senior executives from Campbell’s and Interface discuss how they are integrating a sustainability mind-set and strategy across all business units

  • Drive business value through your report – in a keynote session Global Compact Canada and Bloomberg will share how leading brands are using their reports to drive value

  • Create a win-win partnership with your key stakeholders – join Timberland, Dow Chemical and the Nature Conservancy in interactive roundtable debates to understand how you can build successful partnerships

  • Become resilient and evolve with business demands to create a strong supply chain – in an interactive peer-to-peer learning session Hilton and Edelman will lead a discussion on how companies can build secure supply chains

  • Giving back – Embed and measure the success of volunteerism schemes – Impact 2030 and GSK will lead roundtable debates on how businesses are successfully aligning volunteerism schemes with business strategies

  • Plus much more

Registration: Follow the link below for full details and registration