Retail chains ask the job applicants discriminatory questions [Czech Republic]

Author: Environmental Law Service [Czech Republic], Published on: 14 February 2007

[Original report in Czech. Title translation and following summary of the report's key points provided by Business & Human Rights Resource Centre].
Seven retail chains in the Czech Republic ask the job applicants to fill in the forms which contain discriminatory questions, research by Environmental Legal Service (ELS) reveals. Most of the potentially discriminatory questions related to applicants’ marital status and number of children. In addition to this information, retailer Lidl requested nationality of the job applicants even though this is prohibited by Czech employment law. The law also bans employers from requesting information that does not directly relate to the job, such as the name of a spouse and their monthly salary. Job applicants at Interspar, Penny Market, Plus Discount, Billa and Baumax are asked for the number and age of their children. Female applicants at Baumax have to declare whether or not they are pregnant.

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