Romania: Court annuls environmental permit of Oltenia Energy Complex, "halting destruction" of forests & putting breaks on Roșia lignite mine expansion

"Romanian court rejects environmental permit, halting destruction of 159 hectares of forests and putting breaks on coal mining expansion", 11 December 2015

A Bucharest court yesterday annulled the environment permit for the felling of another 159 hectares of forest in Gorj country, effectively preventing the expansion of the Roșia lignite mine. Ruling on a case brought by Bankwatch Romania and Greenpeace Romania, the Bucharest Tribunal overturned the permit because it was granted only for deforestation works that would not otherwise be necessary if the Oltenia Energy Complex did not intend to expand its facilities at the Roșia lignite quarry..."...Expanding the quarry in this region would mean more pollution, more dust and more noise, all problems for which locals need to bear the brunt," said Alexandru Mustață, Bankwatch Romania campaigner.


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