Romania: El Dorado Gold responds to allegations of intimidation at site around planned mining project

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Company response
29 May 2017

Response by Eldorado Gold

Author: Eldorado Gold

...The road shown in the video is in fact a private, industrial road used by heavy trucks and machinery to access our site. Signs erected at the entrance to our site and throughout our site, detail our construction activities. They clearly state that any non-employee or contractor entering the site requires authorization and necessary personal protection equipment (PPE). This is not only our own protocol to keep employees, contractors and visitors safe, but it is a Romanian regulatory requirement. Company representatives approached the unauthorized visitors as they were driving within our property. Our site personnel made clear to the unauthorized visitors that they were on a private road, as indicated by the safety signs and asked them to stop filming. Operating safely is one of Eldorado's guiding principles. It is disappointing for us to witness safety protocols [...] being breached as it puts both the saftey of our people [...] and those visitors at risk...

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29 March 2017

Romania: Eldorado Gold accused of verbal abuse & intimidation at mining site; activists file complaint

Author: Mining Watch Romania

"Movie-like intimidation and obstruction tactics at Certej", 29 Mar 2017

On Tuesday, March 28th, several Mining Watch activists drove to Certej to verify the legality of on-going construction work. In order to do this, the activists needed to read the construction panels which had been put up for the respective works. According to relevant legislation such panels need to be put up in places easily visible and accessible for the public... [T]heir car, positioned on a public road (DC 24A), was suddenly blocked in by a car belonging to Deva Gold’s security company... [T]he company representatives refused to clear the road and verbally aggressed the activists... "This Canadian company is using bullying tactics to discourage Romanian citizens from finding out what really is going on and intimidating those disagreeing with the mine", [...] says Roxana Pencea, one of the activists... The activists escaped the incident unharmed but shocked and have since filed an official complaint with the police. 

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