Roster of Independent Experts at Inter-American Development Bank


The Independent Consultation and Investigation Mechanism (MICI) of the Inter-American Development Bank is a last resource that provides a process independent from Bank’s Management to investigate the complaints of individuals or communities that allege having been harmed, or potentially be harmed, by a Bank-financed operation due to a potential non-compliance with the Bank’s Relevant Operational Policies. Compliance Review is one of its functions where complaints are investigated in an impartial and objective fashion to determine if the Bank has complied or not with its Relevant Operational Policies and if by not doing so it has caused harm to the complainants. The structure and operation of MICI are regulated by its Policy, with the version currently in vigor approved by the Board of Executive Directors on December 17, 2014.

As per the MICI Policy, investigations are undertaken in accordance with the terms of reference approved by the Board of Executive Directors in each case and are carried on by a Panel integrated by the Compliance Review Phase Coordinator,who is a staff member of the MICI, and two independent experts chosen from the Roster and hired ad hoc for the corresponding investigation.

Further information about the MICI can be consulted at its website

The Independent Consultation and Investigation Mechanism is in the process of establishing its Roster and has opened a process to receive manifestations of interest to become part of it.

Description of the Roster of IndependentExperts

The Roster is integrated by technical contractuals, independent from the Bank, who are experts in the different areas covered by the operations of the Bank and the application of its Relevant Operational Policies. The members of the Roster must have wide experience and proven analysis capacity that will enable them to contribute to the investigations in a substantive and impartial fashion as regards a variety of social and environmental issues.

No rights or obligations of any nature are generated by belonging to the Roster. Its aim is to have an identified group of contractuals independent of the IDB Group Management with a strong track-record in diverse technical areas and proven investigative capacity that comply with the hiring criteria of the Inter-American Development Bank.

In general, the MICI will only require the services of the Roster when the Board of Executive Directors approves an investigation, after which the MICI will proceed to select some of the members of the Roster to constitute the Investigation Panel; or in the event the MICI requires a technical opinion that can be provided by a member of the Roster.

In the event that a member of the Roster is selected to participate in an investigation, the MICI will draft case-specific terms of reference of the rendering of services that will be required from the expert and the period in which said services will need to be rendered. Remuneration will be determined based on the criteria set by the Bank for the hiring under the product-specific modality, the expertise required and the services to be rendered. Travel costs if required will be reimbursed as per the policies of the Bank.

The selection of experts to work in any given investigation will depend on the required expertise, availability of the experts and of resources.

The findings made by the experts will be included in the Compliance Review Report but the drafting of the report will be the responsibility of the MICI as well as any final conclusions made in it.

Main Activities

Under the supervision of the Compliance Review Phase Coordinator, the contractual will, in general,have the following responsibilities which may vary depending on the context of the complaint presented and the terms of reference of the approved investigation.

  • To investigate in an independent, exhaustive,objective and impartial fashion the operations object of the complaint within the framework set by the terms of reference approved by the Board of Executive Directors.
  • To study in depth the Operational Policies that may be relevant to the case.
  • To provide the necessary technical inputs in the areas of his/her expertise and in line with the specific terms of reference.
  • To undertake any desk analysis required and issue technical opinions as needed.
  • To collaborate with the drafting of high quality reports that provide objective and factual information on the revised documentation and the events that have occurred and that support reaching solid conclusions.
  • To draft preliminary reports in line with the terms of reference under which the contractual has being hired.
  • To offer relevant conclusions in reference tothe compliance of Operational Policies as needed for the case in question.

Amongst the general responsibilities for each investigation are the following: desk reviews; project site visits; technical analysis and draft of reports as well as direct interaction with local communities, civil society, executing agencies, IDB staff and governments.

Applicants must be citizens of an IDB member country.

Job title: Independent Consultation and Investigation Mechanism, Roster of Independent Experts (7 to 10 consulting positions)

Location: Washington DC

Closing date: 21 September 2015