Roundtable Human Rights in Tourism conducts human rights impact assessment of European tour operators' value chains in Thailand & Myanmar

Author: Roundtable Human Rights in Tourism, Published on: 26 March 2020

The final report on the conducted social value chain assessment in Thailand and Myanmar 2019 is online now. 

The assessment applied a multi-stakeholder approach. The report explains the methodology and shows findings of the assessment. It shows very practically how to assess human rights related impacts in the value chain, and what kind of actions can be planned to tackle the assessed impacts. 

The report provides tour operators with very practical insights and guidance. The methodology is also integrated into the Get Started toolto conduct further value chain assessments. 

In particular, this report

- Facilitates access to sector-specific information on human rights issues for tour operators in the two countries;

- Provides support to tour operators for the identification and prioritization of risk areas within their own business;

- Guides tour operators in taking concrete measures to address human rights risks and implement due diligence strategies in a targeted and pragmatic manner; 

- Defines appropriate mitigating actions; ...

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