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Ruling stuns, angers plaintiffs / Chinese forced laborers vow to battle on, refuse to accept 'unfair' decision [Japan]

Author: Yomiuri Shimbun [Japan], Published on: 28 April 2007

Anger and incredulity greeted Friday's Supreme Court ruling that rejected the claim for damages filed by Chinese forcibly brought to Japan to work for [Nishimatsu Construction]. The...ruling...effectively shuts the door on all pending lawsuits by former Chinese forced laborers seeking compensation... In August 1944, 360 Chinese...were taken to a construction site... They dug tunnels in 12-hour shifts, a harsh working environment in which 29 died by the end of the war... According to a Foreign Ministry report, about 39,000 Chinese people were taken to Japan against their will and forced to work at construction sites or mines under harsh conditions, and about 6,800 of them died as a result. [also refers to lawsuit against Kajima]

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