Russia: Media regulator asks Google to block article questioning COVID-19 death toll

Author: Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (Czechia), Published on: 25 May 2020

Russia's Media Regulator Asks Google To Block Article Questioning Coronavirus Death Toll, 15 May 2020

Russia's media regulator, Roskomnadzor, has asked Google to block an article about the controversy over official data on coronavirus deaths in the country on the website of MBKh Media independent online publication...

[The article] was based on a report by the Financial Times, which estimated that the real number of people who have died in Russia from COVID-19 could be 70 percent higher than reported by the country's health officials.

MBKh Media said it had received a message from Google a day earlier, saying that the request to block the article was based on the decision of the Prosecutor-General’s Office that claimed the article contained “calls for riots, extremist activities, [and] participation in mass public events held in violation of the established order."

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