S. Korea: Samsung Electronics chairman steps down following conviction for violating labour laws

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17 February 2020

S. Korea: Samsung board Chairman Lee Sang-hoon steps down following conviction for union sabotage

Author: ZDNet

“Samsung board Chairman Lee Sang-hoon resigns following jail sentence”, 14 February 2020

The jailed Samsung board Chairman Lee Sang-hoon has resigned from the company following his conviction for violating labor laws and attempting to sabotage labor union activities.

Samsung said… that Lee… has resigned and his successor will be picked in the near future. The executive previously served as Samsung's Chief Financial Officer (CFO)…

Lee was sentenced to 18 months behind bars in December 2019 after the Seoul Central District Court deemed the executive guilty of breaking labor laws.

It is the first time that a Samsung Chairman of the board has been jailed, but Lee was not the only executive that was charged. In total, 26 Samsung executives were charged and given a variety of jail terms and suspended sentences for their roles in the labor scheme.

According to prosecutors, Samsung executives attempted to sabotage union activities in its affiliates, including closing subcontracted companies, conducting surveillance to dig up dirt on key union members to encourage them to leave, and delaying negotiations between management and laborers…

… Lee has appealed against his sentencing…

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18 December 2019

S. Korea: Samsung Electronics chairman sentenced to prison for union-busting activities

Author: BBC

"Samsung chairman Lee Sang-hoon jailed for union sabotage", 17 December 2019

A South Korean court has sentenced Samsung Electronics board chairman Lee Sang-hoon to 18 months in prison for sabotaging labour union activities.

...25 other defendants were [also] convicted of violating labour union-related laws.

Prosecutors said Samsung executives had used several tactics to target union activities, including closing sub-contracted firms with active unions.

Samsung has not yet commented on the ruling...

The case... focused largely on efforts by officials to undermine union activities at the customer service unit when Lee was serving as chief financial officer.

Other tactics... to target unions included finding out sensitive information about union members to convince them to leave, and delaying negotiations between labour unions and management...

"While Lee claims there were many areas he did not know much about, [we] cannot give him immunity only due to the fact that [he] was not aware of the peripheral areas," the judge said...

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