Safety concerns with Dapeng LNG natural gas pipeline, running underground in downtown Shenzhen (2014)

On 2 October 2013, Hong Kong newspaper AM730 published two articles that raise safety concerns about a natural gas pipeline running underground in downtown Shenzhen, operated by Dapeng LNG, which reportedly has a pressure more than twice as high as standard pressure and could cause harm to over 123,000 people in the area in case of leakage.  The pipeline passes through areas with housing estates, schools, gas stations and industrial zones.  The articles make several references to official documents from the government and academics, and allege that despite the Shenzhen City Government repeatedly requesting that Dapeng LNG decrease the pressure in order to lower the risk, the company did not do so.  A pipeline leakage was in 2010 was also reported. Although there were no casualties, all departments were mobilised for more than a month for emergency rescue.  BP, CNOOC, Hong Kong Electric and Towngas are reportedly shareholders in Dapeng LNG.

Business & Human Rights Resource Centre invited the five companies named to respond to the following items:

Original articles on AM730 in Chinese-language:
- “港灯煤气英国BP任股东深圳闹市暗埋大鹏高压天然气管”, AM730, 2 October 2013
- “香港天然气管藏海底联合国倡规范企业社会责任”, AM730, 2 October 2013
Translation of titles and excerpts of the original articles in Chinese-language to English by Business & Human Rights Resource Centre:
- “Hidden high-pressure gas pipelines of Dapeng LNG in downtown Shenzhen; HK Electric, Towngas, BP are Shareholders”, AM730, 2 Oct 2013
- “Hong Kong natural gas pipeline hidden in the seabed; United Nations' initiative to promote corporate social responsibility”, AM730, 2 Oct 2013

Company responses/non-responses:

BP response [PDF]
CNOOC has not yet responded; we will indicate in the week of 17 March whether it responds
Dapeng LNG response [DOC]  (only available in Chinese) [see another response from the company below]
Hong Kong Electric says “We have no further comment besides those already published by the news media earlier.” [company’s comment included in second article listed above]
Towngas says “[W]e do not have any information to add on this issue” [company’s comment included in second article listed above]

Dapeng LNG also responded to the following accident analysis report (only available in Chinese) of a pipeline leakage that took place in Shenzhen on 13 December 2010:

 “2010年广东大鹏液化天然气公司高压管道泄漏事故抢险处置工作案例分析" 深圳市应急管理办公室 [2011年9月29日]
Case Analysis on the 2010 Guangdong Dapeng LNG High-pressure Pipe Leakage Rescue Work", 29 September 2011 [Title translated by Business & Human Rights Resource Centre]

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