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26 April 2018

Paper finds severe labour exploitation in Spanish & Italian agricultural supply chains; reflects on potential action co's can take

Author: Cecilia Barral Diego & Lisa Szeponik, Loening - Human Rights & Responsible Business

Germany is the main market destination for Spanish and Italian exportations in the processed food market, with a particular focus on the fruit and vegetable sector. In crop year 2016/2017, Germany bought from Spain almost 2.0 billion kilograms of...

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29 March 2018

Corporate Legal Accountability Quarterly Bulletin: The legal significance of #MeToo

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23 February 2018

Labour signatories urge brands to sign onto 2018 Bangladesh Accord 100 days before current Accord ends

Author: IndustriALL

"100 days until current Accord ends – labour signatories urge brands to sign onto 2018 Accord", 22 February 2018...

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29 January 2018

M&S, John Lewis, Debenhams, Next & Sainsbury’s among UK retailers yet to renew safety deal in Bangladesh factories

Author: Sarah Butler, The Guardian (UK)

Marks & Spencer, John Lewis, Debenhams, Next and Sainsbury’s are among a group of British retailers yet to join international rivals in renewing their commitment to a factory safety deal in Bangladesh....

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27 January 2018

UK: Class action lawsuits against supermarkets Sainsbury's & Asda demand equal pay

Author: Louise Tickle, The Guardian (UK)

Nearly a thousand employees have now joined the action [originally lodged in 2015 by three female workers based at a Sainsbury’s in Shrewsbury and one in Fareham, Hampshire]... 17,000 Asda workers [...] are [also] claiming equal pay for jobs of equal...

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17 January 2018

Supermarkets refuse to share plastic footprint, says Guardian amid growing health concerns over plastic found in tap water

Author: Sandra Laville and Matthew Taylor, The Guardian (UK)

As concern over the scale of unnecessary plastic waste grows, the Guardian asked Britain’s eight leading supermarkets to explain how much plastic packaging they sell to consumers and whether they would commit to a plastic-free aisle in their stores....

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26 October 2017

Italy: Prosecutor names Mutti & Conserve Italia as benefiting from exploited workers in supply chains; incl. company statements

Author: Isabel Hunter & Lorenzo Di Pietro, Guardian (UK)

"The terrible truth about your tin of Italian tomatoes", 24 Oct 2017...

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20 September 2017

Governance gaps in eradicating forced labour: From global to domestic supply chains

Author: Andrew Crane, Genevieve LeBaron, Jean Allain & Laya Behbahani in Regulation & Governance

"Governance Gaps in Eradicating Forced Labor: From Global to Domestic Supply Chains," 6 September 2017...

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17 August 2017
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Author: ComunicaRSE

“Las grandes marcas se alejan del sello Fairtrade de Comercio Justo” – 14 de agosto de 2017...

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26 June 2017

Business human rights responsibility for refugees & migrant workers: Turning policies into practice in the Middle East

Author: Samentha Goethals, Joseph Bardwell, Mariam Bhacker, & Bahaa Ezzelarab, Business & Human Rights Resource Centre in Business & Human Rights Journal

...Our focus in this piece is to consider how companies have been implementing their human rights responsibility to address the risks and challenges faced by refugees and migrant workers in the Middle East, a region that is currently experiencing...

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