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11 March 2015

USA: Saks settles transgender discrimination lawsuit with employee

Author: Patrick D Dolan, Hinshaw & Culberton LLP in Employment Law Observer (USA)

“Wilting Under A White-Hot Spotlight, Saks Settles Transgender Case,” 5 Mar 2015...

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12 January 2015

USA: Saks argues transgender employees not protected under US employment discrimination law

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1 May 2014

Prisoner in China's plea for help found in Saks bag

Author: BBC News

A woman has revealed…how she found a plea for help from a man imprisoned in China in a bag from the…Saks store in New York. In the note, the man said he was forced to work 13-hour days at a Chinese prison factory to make the bags.The discovery...

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29 April 2014

Chilling Letter From Chinese Factory Worker Found In Saks Fifth Avenue Bag

Author: Serena Solomon, DNAinfo (USA)

Stephanie Wilson was reaching...inside a paper shopping bag from Saks Fifth Avenue when she found a letter pleading, "HELP HELP HELP." The message...[was] from a man who said he made the bag while being unfairly held in a Chinese prison factory..."We...

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10 February 2010

[PDF] Tarnished Gold: Assessing the jewelry industry’s progress on ethical sourcing of metals

Author: Earthworks

This report is an evaluation of the efforts made by jewelers towards responsible sourcing of precious metals. It is based on responses to a survey sent to the jewelers that had signed on to the Golden Rules by mid-February 2009 and to other large...

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16 December 2006

Your cheap sweater's real cost

Author: Evan Osnos, Chicago Tribune

... [China's] enormous herds of cashmere-producing goats have slashed the price of sweaters. But they also have helped graze Chinese grasslands down to a moonscape, unleashing some of the worst dust storms on record. This in turn fuels a plume of...

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30 March 2004

Broken Vows: Diamond Jewellery Retailers Fall Short on Conflict Diamond Pledge

Author: Global Witness

Major United States...and international retailers selling diamond jewellery are falling short on their promises to combat the trade in conflict diamonds...Out of 30 companies, 25 have failed to respond to Global Witness in writing about their policies...

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30 June 2003

McConnell [U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell] leads fight to end oppression in Myanmar - Senator pushes for sanctions against Asian country

Author: James R. Carroll, Courier-Journal

Among the backers of sanctions are major American department stores and the American Apparel and Footwear Association. Saks Fifth Avenue, Burlington Coat Factory and several other clothing chains already have agreed not to sell goods from Myanmar.

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