Salesforce says it won’t work with retailers that sell semi-automatic weapons

Author: James Vincent, The Verge, Published on: 2 June 2019

Tech giant Salesforce has entered the debate over gun control in the US with a policy that forbids customers who use its software from selling certain firearms. The ban applies to semi-automatic weapons, 3D-printed guns, and a range of accessories... A spokesperson for Salesforce confirmed the change to The Verge: “After carefully reviewing similar policies in the industry and discussing with internal and external stakeholders, we updated our policy. The change affects new customers and a small number of existing customers when their current contracts expire.”

... As the Post’s story notes, if Salesforce refuses to work with retailers that sell semi-automatic weapons, it could spark a backlash in some sections of society. Mark Oliva, a spokesperson for the National Shooting Sports Foundation, told the Post that the company was engaging in “corporate-policy virtue signaling” and that its actions would have a “chilling effect.”... Salesforce is known also for its forthright CEO, Marc Benioff, who regularly speaks out on social issues, including gun control. Following the mass shooting... Parkland, Florida... Benioff tweeted: “The AR-15 is the most popular rifle in America. Ban it.” He later said he would donate $1 million to March for Our Lives.

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