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20 August 2019

So. Africa: Mpumalanga has highest levels of sulfur dioxide pollution due to the concentration of coal power plants- study reveals

Author: Sarah Evans, News 24 (South Africa)

‘Area in Mpumalanga is second highest SO2 emissions hotspot in the world - new study’ 19 August 2019...

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28 June 2019

NGOs file criminal charges over chemical exports to Syria by German companies that could be used to make sarin gas

Author: Rebecca Staudenmaier, Deutsche Welle (Allemagne)

"German firms sent weapons-grade chemicals to Syria despite sanctions — report", 25 Jun 2019...

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27 June 2019

So. Africa: Scientists call for a global compact between business, governments and citizens to reduce air pollution

Author: Tamar Kahn, Business Day (South Africa)

‘Scientists call for global action on air pollution’ 19 June 2019...

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6 May 2019

So. Africa: Sasol sued for lung related illnesses contracted while mining coal; Sasol denies any liability

Author: Ciaran Ryan, GroundUp (So. Africa)

‘South Africa: Former Sasol Coal Miners Claim More Than R80 Million for Coal-Related Illnesses’ 25 April 2019...

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28 April 2019

So. Africa: Govt. official pledges to defend coal companies from claims that its product is 'dirty'

Author: Daily Maverick, (South Africa)

"No Tomorrow, Part One: Gwede Mantashe, climate suicide & the ANC’s 2019 election manifesto"...

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24 March 2019

So. Africa: Employee claims Sasol Secunda intentionally polluting Vaal River; company denies allegations

An employee of Sasol has made allegations at the South African Human Rights Commission's (SAHRC) inquiry into the contamination of the river, held at Constitutional Hill in Johannesburg, that the petrochemical giant of intentionally polluting the Vaal...

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24 March 2019

Employee accuses petrol giant on intentionally polluting river

Author: Pelane Phakgadi, News24 (South Africa)

“Sasol intentionally polluted the Vaal River, SAHRC inquiry hears”...

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Company response
24 March 2019

Sasol denies allegations of intentionally polluting river

Author: Sassol

"Response to Sasol intentionally polluting the Vaal River"...

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12 November 2018

Corporate Human Rights Benchmark Key Findings Report 2018

Author: Corporate Human Rights Benchmark

Since its inception, the CHRB has been aiming to answer a deceptively simple question; which companies perform best on human rights issues? [...] [T]his document [...] rank[s] 101 of the world’s largest companies in high human-rights-risk sectors and...

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10 September 2018

So. Africa: White workers at Sasol's plant say they are "alienated" by shares allocation exclusive to black employees

Author: AFP

"White S. African workers march against black share scheme"...

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