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3 January 2017

Saudi Arabia jails and flogs workers for unpaid wage protests

Author: Middle East Eye

Dozens of foreign workers have been sentenced to flogging and jail for unrest during protests over unpaid wages by Saudi Binladin Group several months ago...reports...did not give the nationalities of the 49 unidentified number were...

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11 October 2016

Opinion: Migrant workers trapped by Saudi's kafala system bear the brunt of country's economic downturn

Author: James Lynch, Middle East Eye

"Migrant workers bear the brunt of Saudi's archaic kafala system",  10 Oct 2016....

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4 October 2016

Saudi building magnate 'told to pay staff or face arrest'

Author: Rori Donaghy

A labour court in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday said they it would issue an arrest warrant for the owner of building firm United Seemac if he does not pay staff owed wages for up to two years owner Mohammed Owaideh...owes his staff SAR 3.5m (...

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28 September 2016

Saudi company United Seemac leaves over 500 workers stranded without pay and without alternatives

United Seemac's foreign staff have been unpaid for up to 20 months, unable to seek alternative employment options due to the companies refusal to issue sponsorship transfers. Workers have recently been offered the option of repatriation, however at...

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18 September 2016
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Author: اسلام شاهين، الرادار

قالت وزارة القوى العاملة، إن العاهل السعودي الملك سلمان بن عبدالعزيز، أصدر توجيهات بمعالجة أوضاع العمالة المتضررة من تجاوزات المنشآت التي يعملون بها، والسماح بتجديد إقاماتها واستخراج تأشيرات الخروج النهائي مجاناً وعلى حساب الدولة، على أن تتحمل الشركة...

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8 September 2016

Saudi Oger faces huge debt restructuring as rescue talks collapse

Author: David French, Tom Arnold and Katie Paul, Reuters (Dubai/Riyadh)

The Saudi Arabian government has ended talks aimed at saving construction giant Saudi Oger, which is now facing the prospect of a multi-billion-dollar debt restructuring to stave off collapse…[T]he government owes Oger about 30 billion riyals ($8...

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7 September 2016

Delay in salary threatens workers’ Eid celebrations

Author: Ibrahim Nafee, Arab News (Saudi Arabia)

The crisis of delayed salaries of the Saudi Binladin Group…still continues despite the financial measures that were taken by the company to resolve this problem.Around 100,000 Binladin workers are still waiting for their delayed salaries after the...

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19 August 2016

Abandoned in Saudi desert camps, migrant workers won't leave without pay

Author: Marwa Rashad and Katie Paul, Reuters (India)

Migrant construction workers, abandoned in their thousands by Saudi employers in filthy desert camps during the kingdom's economic slump, say they will not accept a government offer of free flights home unless they receive months of unpaid wages. The...

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15 August 2016

Firms come to aid of stranded Saudi Oger workers

Author: Paromita Dey, ConstructionWeek (UAE)

50 local companies have expressed desire to hire 2,500 Indian employees of Saudi Oger...representatives of these companies are currently negotiating with Saudi Oger to finalise the transfer of these employees...several companies have approached the...

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12 August 2016

Saudi Arabian dreams turn to nightmares for penniless Pakistanis

Author: Rori Donaghy, Middle East Eye

Vani Saraswathi, from the campaigning organisation, told MEE [Middle East Eye] that foreign workers across the Arab Gulf States often face employment problems but that the toughest to resolve are in Saudi Arabia. “Providing food and...

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