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16 April 2019

Brazil: 50 percent of the companies involved in domestic soy production have yet to commit to eliminating deforestation in their supply chains

Author: Global Canopy

“Are Brazilians eating the Cerrado?”, 21st November 2018...

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15 April 2019
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Author: Giovanni Ortolani, Mongabay Jornalismo Ambiental Independente (Brazil)

“A fome do Brasil por carne de engorda baseada em soja está causando o desmatamento do Cerrado: relatório”, 19 de março de 2019...

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Company response
15 February 2019

Archer Daniels Midland's response

Author: Archer Daniels Midland

... In regions at risk for deforestation and/or human rights violations, we are especially diligent in ensuring our operations meet strict codes of conduct. Contrary to the portrayal in the recent New York Times editorial by Leila Salazar-Lopez, ADM...

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NGO rejoinder
14 February 2019

Amazon Watch rejoinder

Author: Amazon Watch

We were pleased to see the responses of Bunge and Archer Daniels Midland to our New York Times op-ed. However, the companies appear to have overlooked our key arguments and glossed over legitimate concerns. The op-ed contends that not only the...

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29 August 2018

New guidance for companies encourages action to support civic freedoms & human rights defenders & explores opportunities for engagement

Author: Bennett Freeman with Sif Thorgeirsson, Adele Barzelay & Brooks Reed

"Shared space under pressure: Business support for civic freedoms and human rights defenders," 29 August 2018 ...

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2 February 2018
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30 August 2017

Cereal, drinks companies often overlook risk of forced labor in sugarcane: study

Author: Reuters

Food and beverage companies face the risk of forced labor in countries where they obtain sugarcane but most fall short in efforts to tackle the problem that threatens millions of workers, according to a study [by KnowTheChain (KTC)]...Sugarcane...can...

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20 July 2017

Groups Misled Trump on Economic Case Against Paris Agreement

Author: Han Chen, NRDC

The Industrial Energy Consumers of America sent a letter to Trump on May 15, expressing their support for withdrawal from Paris. In their letter, they claimed to represent large member companies with over $1 trillion in annual sales.... [yet] many of...

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3 April 2017
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La organización Mighty Earth publicó un informe, tras una visita a Bolivia y Brasil para ver  el impacto de empresas de agronegocio de soja en la deforestación y pérdida de medios de vida para la población. El Centro de Información sobre Empresas y...

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Company response
29 March 2017
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Author: Archer Daniels Midland/ADM (US)

[Resposta da Archer Daniels Midland/ADM disponível apenas em inglês. Veja abaixo]...

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