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20 January 2020

China: Companies urged to disclose more information on environmental, social and governance risks

Author: Financial Times

“Chinese companies get to grips with tougher ESG disclosures”, 14 January 2020...

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19 January 2020

Chinese environmental lawyer talks about evolving landscape surrounding high-profile Chinese overseas investment cases

Author: China Dialogue

“How does 2020 bode for China’s overseas investment? A Chinese lawyer’s take”, 17 January 2020...

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28 December 2019

Environmental impacts of Belt and Road Initiative has not gained proper attention, study reveals

Author: The ASEAN Post

“China’s BRI negatively impacting the environment”, 24 December 2019...

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23 December 2019

Chinese insurers' support for renewables over coal is essential for avoiding climate breakdown, blogger says

Author: Peter Bosshard, China Dialogue

“Will China follow leading global insurers and withdraw from coal power?”, 17 December 2019...

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25 November 2019

DRC: The implementation of the new mining code has not yet led to an improvement in the living conditions of the population, say to observers

Author: RFI

[Excerpt translation from French to English provided by Business & Human Rights Resource Centre]...

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30 September 2019

China Huadian Engineering's response to coal plant project in Bali

Author: China Huadian Engineering Co. Ltd.

[The response was originally written in Chinese. This excerpt translation is provided by Business and Human Rights Resource Centre.]...

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29 September 2019

Indonesia: Locals complain of environmental and livelihood problems from coal plant by subsidiary of China Huadian Engineering in Bali; incl. company response

A coal-fired power plant built on Bali’s north coast has been accused of providing inadequate compensation for land acquisition, causing damage to local livelihoods and health, and harming the environment on land and at sea, according to a report...

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23 September 2019

China continues to expand portfolio of green finance and clean energy projects in MENA, according to research

Author: Ossman Elnaggar, The Diplomat

“China’s Growing “Green” Engagement in MENA”, 19 Sep 2019...

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17 September 2019

Local people challenge coal plant expansion in Bali

Author: Tommy Apriando, China Dialogue

… The plant [a coal-fired power plant on 40 hectares of north Bali’s coast] has three units totalling 426 megawatts of capacity, and produces up to two-fifths of Bali’s electricity. The addition of two units would more than double the plant’s capacity...

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16 September 2019

Projected emissions from Belt & Road investments set to fall behind Paris Agreement targets, report finds

Author: Lili Pike, China Dialogue

“Belt and Road countries will make or break the Paris Agreement”, 10 September 2019...

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