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13 August 2019

USA: GE Health and unions negotiate new contract increasing wages and benefits, averting strikes

Author: Rich Kirchen, Milwaukee Business Journal

"Unions approve new contract that averts strike at GE Healthcare", 10 August 2019...

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9 December 2016

USA: Corporate Equality Index scores record number of companies full marks for having inclusive policies for LGBT workers

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7 January 2016

Workplace exposure to toxic chemicals lawsuit (re Taiwan)


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Survey response
18 March 2015

Response by Andritz Hydro: Myanmar Foreign Investment Tracking Project

1. Does your company have investments or operations in Myanmar or is it seriously considering investing or operating there?  If so, please provide information on the nature of these investments, and which geographic areas and communities they will...

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17 March 2015

Full Report: Ten Reasons to Defend the Corporation Tax

Author: Tax Justice Network

The corporate income tax is one of the most precious of all taxes. Yet it is under attack...As this document explains, it holds your country's whole tax system together. It is one of the best ways to tax capital, and it can powerfully curb.....

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12 December 2014

RCA pollution trial begins in Taipei

Author: Want China Times

The first trial of the lawsuit against Radio Corporation of America (RCA) was held in Taiwan's Taipei District Court on Friday. Lawyers for both sides were expected to make their final arguments…...

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Company response
19 February 2014

Response by GE Health (part of General Electric): Allegations of pharmaceutical group's planned opposition to So. Africa reforms to increase access to medicines

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7 February 2014

Are companies involved with 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi wilfully ignoring human rights?

Author: Ella Skybenko, Business & Human Rights Resource Centre, in KyivPost (Ukraine)

The 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi start today...The multi-billion investment in prestige projects contrasts violently with the neglect of the human rights of workers who built them, the local people who have lost their homes and health, and...

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Blog post
7 February 2014

Companies can help advance human rights; Sochi shows they rarely do

Author: Ella Skybenko, Eastern Europe and Central Asia Researcher & Representative, Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

The world's costliest Olympics has been built on exploitation, discrimination and a deafening silence, writes Ella Skybenko

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30 January 2014

Russia: Pressure escalates on Sochi corporate sponsors

Author: Human Rights Watch

...Corporate sponsors of the Sochi Winter Olympics should act now to urge Russia to halt the rising tide of discrimination, harassment, and threats against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people, 40 of the world’s leading human rights and...

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