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31 March 2020

Front Line Defenders' guide on physical, emotional & digital protection for defenders during COVID-19

Author: Front Line Defenders

"Physical, emotional and digital protection while using home as office in times of COVID-19", 27 Mar 2020...

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26 March 2019

Is Gig Work a Job? Uber and Others Are Maneuvering to Shape the Answer

Author: Noam Scheiber, New York Times (USA)

Uber and Lyft argue that their drivers are contractors because the drivers decide when, where and how long they work. Lyft says forcing it to classify them as employees “may require us to significantly alter our existing business model.”......

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3 April 2018

USA: Legislation supported by Handy to classify gig workers as independent contractors could undermine workers' rights; company responds

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2 April 2018

Handy response

Author: Handy

We have worked to find a legislative solution that both classifies independent contractors and allows companies to provide portable benefits to the hundreds of thousands of independent contractors finding work and earning income on platforms like ours....

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14 March 2018

For gig economy workers in these states, rights are at risk

Author: Lydia DePillis, CNN Money

Should gig economy workers... be entitled to the same rights and benefits as regular employees? Currently they aren't...That frees these companies from having to offer benefits, pay a host of taxes and abide by certain labor laws. Leading the charge is...

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2 January 2018
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Author: Max Hägler, Süddeutsche Zeitung

"Das Geschäft mit schmutzigen Rohstoffen soll sauberer werden", 30 Dec 2017...

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13 April 2017

The Gig Economy’s False Promise

Author: The New York Times

"The Gig Economy’s False Promise", 10 Apr 2017...

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16 March 2017
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Ob im Handy oder Laptop – in vielen unserer technischen Endgeräte werden Mineralien verarbeitet, deren Förderung und Verkauf die schlimmsten Krisenherde auf der Welt finanzieren. Das EU-Parlament hat heute eine Verordnung gebilligt, die eine...

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8 February 2017

USA: Total of 128 companies in lawsuit against Trump's travel ban

Author: FastCompany News USA

"Another 31 companies have joined the amicus brief against Trump’s immigration ban", 7 February 2017...

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23 January 2017

Gavi Vaccine Alliance & DHL launch partnership to improve vaccine shipment in developing countries

Author: Handy Shipping Guide (USA)

"Freight and Logistics Network to Aid Vaccine Supply Chain", 20 Jan 2017...

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