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Company non-response
21 November 2012

Ri-Teng (part of Pegatron) did not respond to: SACOM alleges ongoing hazardous working environment at Pegatron/Ri-Teng's Shanghai factory where Apple's iPad mini is assembled.

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24 October 2012

Labor Group Calls Out Apple for iPad Mini Factory Conditions [China]

Author: Damon Poeter, PCMag

SACOM conducted off-site interviews with workers at Ri-Teng's Shanghai factory [Pegatron subsidiary, assembler of iPad mini]…[which] was the site of an explosion… last December…reportedly injured 61 workers…SACOM said workers pointed to an ongoing...

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13 January 2012

Apple Releases List Of Its Suppliers, Discloses Labor Violations

Author: Sarah Perez, TechCrunch

Apple has, for the very first time, released a report of its suppliers. There are 156 suppliers listed in the PDF the company published...including big names like Sony, Intel, Samsung and Foxconn [part of Hon Hai]...[The] company has been under...

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