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1 August 2006

[PDF] From Risk to Opportunity: How Insurers Can Proactively and Profitably Manage Climate Change

Author: Evan Mills, Staff Scientist, US Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Eugene Lecomte, President Emeritus of Institute for Business & Home Safety; for Ceres

...while climate change poses potential threats, it also creates vast new business opportunities... [Insurers] have a huge opportunity today to develop creative loss-prevention solutions and products that will reduce climate-related losses for...

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24 April 2003

Ford and Fannie Mae Top List of 50 Best Companies for Diversity [USA]

Author: William Baue,

The ranking took into consideration many different aspects of diversity, including race, gender, sexual orientation, and disability, among others...The top ten companies on the list included Ford, Fannie Mae, American Express, Verizon, IBM, SAFECO,...

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