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8 September 2018

Philippines: Union leader escapes assassination; attack came after protest against food company Sumifru

Author: Kath Cortez, Davao Today

"Union leader escapes from assassination attempt", 5 September 2018...

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27 May 2018

Philippines: Dept. of Labor releases list of labour-only contracting companies; food chain giant Jollibee tops list

Author: Gabriel Pabico Lalu, Philippine Daily Inquirer

"Jollibee tops DOLE list of labor-only contracting companies" 28 May 2018...

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6 May 2018

Philippines: Group condemns violations & union busting after workers submit bargaining proposal to fruit exporting company

Author: Arniemee V. Nudalo, Davao Today

"Trade union violations revealed in fact-finding mission", 24 April 2018...

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9 June 2016
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Author: Confédération syndicale internationale (CSI)

« Indice CSI des droits dans le monde 2016 », juin 2016...

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28 April 2015

Philippines: Banana company Sumifru to revoke piece rate scheme after workers protested low wage

Author: Zea Io Ming C. Capistrano, Davao Today (Philippines)

"Japanese banana firm concedes to workers, revokes piece-rate scheme", 23 Apr 2015...

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