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26 November 2004

Beverly Hills Independent Test Results and Additional Information [USA]

Author: various authors, presented on the Venoco Inc. website

[Collection of materials on site of defendant Venoco, regarding lawsuits by Erin Brockovich firm against ChevronTexaco and Venoco. The lawsuits allege harm to health by oil wells in Beverly Hills. Many of these materials argue the lawsuits are without...

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3 January 2004

Erin Brockovich’s firm files third suit against Beverly Hills [USA]

Author: AP

Erin Brockovich’s law firm filed a third lawsuit Friday against Beverly Hills, its school district and several oil and gas companies, claiming area residents developed cancer from toxic fumes emitted by a campus oil derrick...City Attorney Larry Wiener...

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2 August 2003

Second suit filed against Beverly Hills by Brockovich's firm [USA]

Author: Associated Press

Erin Brockovich's law firm filed a second lawsuit against Beverly Hills, its school district and several oil and gas companies on behalf of hundreds of residents who say they became ill from toxic fumes from a campus oil derrick...The first suit.....

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25 February 2003

Erin Brockovich firm to sue over Beverly Hills oil [USA]

Author: Gina Keating, Reuters

...a lawsuit against the city of Beverly Hills and three oil companies for allegedly ignoring cancer-causing toxic gases leaking from oil wells on the Beverly Hills High School grounds. Masry told Reuters the lawsuit would be filed within a month in...

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