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28 March 2005
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Author: Europa Press

ChevronTexaco, Unocal, Marathon Oil y otras tres petroleras estadounidenses [Apache, Anadarko Petroleum, Tesoro] han aceptado medir e informar sobre su impacto medioambiental, tras la campaña lanzada por...'inversores activistas'...sólo quedan tres...

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22 March 2005

Faith-Based and Environmentalist Shareowners Withdraw Climate Change Resolutions at Six Companies [USA]

Author: William Baue,

Last week, shareowner activists announced their withdrawal of climate change resolutions at six oil and gas companies [Apache, Anadarko, ChevronTexaco, Tesoro, Unocal, Marathon Oil] that have taken concrete steps to measure, mitigate, and disclose data...

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18 February 2005

Companies Feel Heat from Record-High Shareholder Resolutions on Climate Change


Oil and gas companies, electric power producers, real estate firms, manufacturers, financial institutions, and automakers face a record number of global warming resolutions that have been filed by shareholders for the 2005 proxy season, according to...

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