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15 June 2020

US Supreme Court opens the door for larger companies to face lawsuits over discriminatory policies, say LGBTQ+ activists

Author: Noam Scheiber, The New York Times

“Gay rights ruling pushes workplace dynamic already in motion”, 15 June 2020...

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29 April 2020

Walt Disney: company to stop paying hospitality employees while protecting executive bonuses and dividend pay-outs

Author: Los Angeles Daily News

“Disney to stop paying 100,000 workers but is still on track to give shareholders $1.5 billion”, 22 April 2020...

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21 April 2020
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Author: Mi Bolsillo

“Disney World aplica licencia sin sueldo a 43 mil empleados”, 12 de abril de 2020...

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20 April 2020

Commentary: Will Covid-19 accelerate the shift towards stakeholder governance?

Author: Luca Giacalone, Board Agenda

[T]his crisis and its aftermath may make louder the calls for the adoption of a more stakeholder-oriented decision-making process at companies......

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25 February 2020

India: Disney blocks John Oliver show critical of Prime Minister Modi

Author: Manish Singh, TechCrunch

"Disney blocks John Oliver’s new episode critical of India’s PM Modi", 25 February 2020...

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Company response
31 December 2019

Disney's response

Author: Disney

... In response to the recent allegations made by CLW, we coordinated with the Ethical Toy Program (ETP) to conduct a full investigation... at these five facilities... [W]hile results vary by facility, auditors confirmed that in some cases the...

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16 December 2019

USA: Litigation against corporate conglomerates for gender discriminatory pay practises increases

Author: Alexia Fernàndez Campbell, VOX

"They did everything right — and still hit the glass ceiling. Now, these women are suing America’s top companies for equal pay." 10 Dec 2019...

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25 September 2019

Analysis finds Disney World employees are often subject to violence from visitors, including spitting and scratching; Includes comments from Disney

Author: Vanita Salisbury, New York Post

"Working at Disney World can be an abusive nightmare", 23 September 2019...

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19 July 2019

Disney respond to allegations of poor working conditions in Disneyland resort with new statement

"Disney calls Abigail Disney's investigation a 'stunt'", 17 July 2019...

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19 July 2019

USA: Disney criticised for alleged poor working conditions in Disneyland resort

Abigail Disney, the granddaughter of Walt Disney has accused Disney of poor working conditions, after meeting with Disneyland employees to better understand their grievances about their work....

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