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3 May 2017

Guidelines to evaluate workers' human rights & labour standards

Author: Global Unions Committee on Workers’ Capital

Global union initiative will elevate the profile of social issues in the investment chain. Investors will be able to properly evaluate company adherence to robust labour standards and responsible employer relations as a result of a new global trade...

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19 July 2016
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Author: Novethic

« RSE : 2e édition du guide de l’ORSE pour diffuser les bonnes pratiques par secteur », 19 juillet 2016...

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12 April 2016

RightingFinance launches series of advocacy tools on tax policy & human rights


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2 November 2015

Intl. Council on Mining & Metals updates guide for companies on indigenous peoples & mining

Author: Intl. Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM)

"New guide on Indigenous Peoples and mining", 29 Oct 2015...

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27 July 2015

Human Rights and Business Dilemmas Forum: “Gender equality"

Author: Human Rights and Business Dilemmas Forum

Women represent an important group of potential employees for multi-national corporations (MNCs) who choose to expand their operations in emerging markets. Yet, businesses are often faced with a dilemma when operating in countries where women and...

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1 June 2014

Human rights training toolkit - 3rd edition

Author: IPIECA

This third edition of the Toolkit is designed to enhance the capabilities of companies in managing human rights issues and impacts in their business operations through providing awareness training on human rights issues relevant to employees,...

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18 June 2013

[PDF] Employment & Recruitment Agencies Sector Guide on Implementing the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights

Author: Shift, Institute for Human Rights and Business, for the European Commission

This Guide applies the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human the specific context of employment and recruitment...agencies. Recognising that each company is different, it is intended to help E&R agencies “translate” respect for...

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1 June 2013

Guidance Document for Social Accountability 8000

Author: Social Accountability International

This SA8000 Guidance Document is intended to provide some interpretation and examples of application of the SA8000 Standard's requirements for auditors and other users of the Standard. It is not intended to be comprehensive and does not include all...

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1 January 2013

Why human rights matter: a resource guide for integrating human rights into Communities and Social Performance work at Rio Tinto

Author: Rio Tinto, in partnership with Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining (CSRM), Sustainable Minerals Institute at The University of Queensland

We know that our decisions and actions, whether inadvertent or deliberate, can result in adverse human impacts. We also recognise that respecting human rights is a continual process which we will always strive to improve. We are determined to be...

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1 September 2012

[PDF] The factory floor guide to corporate accountability: Seeking redress for labour rights violations in global supply chains

Author: Oxfam

This booklet is designed for the increasing number of workers around the world who produce goods — directly or indirectly — for global companies. When these workers experience violations of their labour rights they are sometimes able to resolve...

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