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21 March 2009

Colombian paramilitary tells how he financed his own Murder Inc.: bananas

Author: Steven Dudley, Miami Herald [USA]

...Raúl Hasbún...[is] a former banana grower and paramilitary involved in Colombia's right-wing counterinsurgency...Everyone wants to hear how he allegedly devised a method for putting the squeeze on international companies to raise the money to arm...

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1 March 2009

[PDF] A Recipe for Hunger: How the World is Failing on Food

Author: International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC)

[T]he current price level of basic food staples is still much higher than it was…The food crisis has affected everyone but most of all the worst off…[D]eregulation in trade and financial markets has mainly favoured agrofood multinationals…Much of the...

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11 May 2008

[video] The Price Of Bananas

Author: Steve Kroft, 60 Minutes, CBS News [USA]

...[O]ver the past 25 years no place has been more perilous [for American corporations abroad] than Colombia... Chiquita...found out the hard way. It made millions growing bananas there, only to emerge with its reputation splattered in blood after...

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6 November 2007

Revealed: how multinational companies avoid the taxman

Author: Felicity Lawrence, Ian Griffiths, Guardian [UK]

Global banana companies supplying the UK are using tax havens to avoid paying tax on their profits here and in developing countries, the Guardian has found. The investigation reveals that large corporations are creating elaborate structures to move...

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27 May 2007

Nicaragua: Plantation workers look for justice in the North

Author: T. Christian Miller, Los Angeles Times

Many [workers] had spent their lives toiling on banana plantations that U.S. companies operated in this region some 30 years ago...As the decades passed, the workers came to believe that the pesticide, called DBCP, had cost them their health.....

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1 March 2007

full report: "Close to Slavery: Guestworker Programs in the United States"

Author: Southern Poverty Law Center [USA]

Federal law and U.S. Department of Labor regulations provide some basic protections to H-2 guestworkers — but they exist mainly on paper. Government enforcement of their rights is almost non-existent. Private attorneys typically won’t take up their...

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31 May 2006
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Author: Véronique Smée, Novethic

Une large coalition de 70 syndicats et ONG accuse la multinationale Dole, importatrice de bananes, de ne pas respecter les droits humains dans les plantations d’Amérique latine. La campagne dénonce notamment l’exploitation des enfants et les conditions...

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5 April 2006

[PDF] Global Business and Human Rights

Author: A. F. M. Maniruzzaman

...there are frequent allegations against transnational corporations (TNCs) of violation of human rights, environmental degradation and so on...for example, that against Exxon Mobil Corp. in Indonesia, Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc. in Guatemala,...

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22 November 2005

Saving the Environment, One Quarterly Earnings Report at a Time

Author: Claudia H. Deutsch, New York Times

Cargill is one of several companies profiting from the concerns - of shareholders, communities and consumers - about global warming, leaking landfills and other potential environmental hazards... "Investors believe it is simply not acceptable to be...

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24 March 2005

U.S.: Rights Advocates Hail 'Landmark' Settlement With American Corporation

Author: Jeffrey Donovan, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

Human rights advocates say the case [against Unocal regarding Burma]...could help make it easier for multinational corporations to be held accountable for human rights violations committed in the course of their work...Unocal has always denied it knew...

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