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17 August 2005

Banks buy into jail-labour firm; Six financial giants among top shareholders of China's largest wig manufacturer which uses prisoners to make its products

Author: Jamil Anderlini, South China Morning Post [Hong Kong]

Six of the world's largest financial institutions have bought shares in a Chinese wig manufacturer that could be barred from the United States, its biggest market, because it uses forced labour to make some of its products. Deutsche Bank, HSBC, ING,...

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19 February 2004

Enslaved Falun Gong Practitioners Make Wigs Sold Worldwide [China]

Author: Ben Larkman, Epoch Times

Hair products manufacturer Henan Rebecca, Inc. is contracting work to notorious Chinese labor camps that buy Falun Gong practitioners as slave labor, reports the Falun Dafa Information Center (FDI), an organization dedicated to publicizing details of...

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